Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller Overview

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller

The Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogger is the only jogging stroller produced by the company. The 3-wheel stroller includes locking swivel front wheel, sports rear wheel suspension, parent console, pneumatic tires, and under-seat storage bin. The unit has earned good scores for weight and maneuverability but it’s received average scores in other areas.

It should be noted that the Zoom includes features like adjustable suspension, tracking, and handlebar height. However, these features are actually available on several other units. The unit has also received some low scores for run ability and staying on track. Other issues include no self-standing feature and a storage bin that’s difficult to use. This shows the Joovy unit needs some upgrades before it can be compared with other high-quality jogging strollers.

Generally there are a lot of storage such as any easy-to-access basket. It is also designed with 2 mesh pockets and large mesh pocket in the rear, and also provided parent organizer. It is very great that the weight of Zoom 360 Ultralight is lighter than their earlier Zoom 360 model. Nevertheless, it weighs in about twenty six lbs that is an average weight for just a jogging stroller. Thus, I believe that ‘Ultralight’ which come from is a bit deceiving.

Though it is not adjustable about the handle bar it’s designed at the average level which must be suitable for parents that are approximately 5.5′ – 6.1′ tall. If some are much taller or maybe shorter, then they need to test it. It is very important to use it comfortably when you are jogging.

I reviewed it 4.5 out of five stars despite several of the disadvantage as I think it is worth all of you to buy.
There are a lot of features I like, such as The full recline, spacious seat, weight limit, incredible steering, great canopy, smooth ride, a lot of storage, included parent organizer plus air pump, standing fold, simple fold, auto lock.It also has travel system option. This may be your primary stroller.

About all the cons: two hand recline, rough cloth, not removable fabric, stiff brake, light seat padding, absolutely no adjustable tracking, absolutely no hand brake, aluminum spokes, absolutely no shoulder pads, along with non adjustable handle bar.

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller Features

  • Tire

The front tire is a 12-inch unit that can be locked into place, which makes it more safe and stable for jogging. It can also be put in swivel mode to use the unit for applications like walking workouts. The switch is located close to the front wheel. So you just have to kneel to alter the setting.

Meanwhile, the back tires are also pumped up like bike tires. This helps to make the unit much easier/smoother to push than standard strollers.

  • Weight

The stroller weighs a little under 26 pounds, which is in fact an average weight in the jogging stroller class. The lightest units on the market weigh about 20 pounds. However, the aluminum frame does weigh a little less than other jogger units on the market. The reason the company seems to call this version “ultralight” is it’s slightly lighter than its previous jogger stroller.

  • Brakes

This stroller’s only brake is one foot bar. TI’s quite easy to operate when wearing jogging shoes but can be tougher with flip-flops. There’s also a strap that attaches to the wearer’s wrist. This helps to gain control of the stroller in the case it starts to get away from the operator.


  • Canopy

The stroller includes an extra-wide canopy. This provides extra protection for your child from sunlight.

  • Smooth

The unit provides a smooth ride, which is certainly a plus when operating any stroller. You’ll want your child to be as comfy as possible.


  • Foot-Brake

This is the only brake on the unit. Another issue is it’s tough to operate if you’re not wearing shoes. This is an issue worth considering since it’s a possible safety issue.

  • Non-adjustable Handlebar

This can be a problem for shorter parents in particular. In fact it’s one of the main drawbacks of the unit and one you should consider.

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller Customers’ Reviews

Average Amazon Rating: 4.5

“It is One of the best jogging strollers I have bought till now. Forget about the Thule and Bob. Way overpriced and significantly less little as this one. This method is great light, good for jogging or maybe jogging over any terrain, and also has excellent extra features such as for instance the sunshade that is large enough or even the wonderful storage bin underneath. My son is the third child of mine so many other strollers that are more expensive have been tried by me before. Would certainly not used/buy them once again. This’s the one! Absolutely love it!”

“The most effective jogger I have run into yet. Light weight, great shade, smooth ride, easy fold, lots of space for the bundle of yours of love. Want I say more? Worth it love it”


This is a generally good jogging stroller if you’re looking for a basic stroller. The Zoom 360 Ultralight is a long-lasting, easy and lightweight wear jogging stroller which is designed with some features that help it to be more powerful. No rear axle enable more strides when running,higher weight capacity, aluminum frame and also excellent suspension that help to make this a jogging stroller really worth consideration.Owners still rate this quite seriously as it typically gets rating 4.5 stars from customers.

However, some of the drawbacks make it less flexible than other units on the market. This includes cases of larger kids, shorter parents, and others. So if you’re looking for a basic jogging stroller it’s a good option but if you want more features you should consider other models.

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