BOB Revolution SE Single Baby Jogging Stroller Review

BOB Revolution SE Single Baby Jogging Stroller Review

BOB Revolution SE Single Baby Jogging Stroller Overview

BOB Revolution SE Single Baby Jogging Stroller Review

This is one of the top jogging strollers available in stores today. It includes tons of features like a big padded seat, large canopy, and easy doling. There’s a lot of storage including 2 mesh pockets and big basket located in the seat. There’s also a big pocketed located in the back of the stroller seat.

The stroller also offers a smooth ride thanks to the adjustable suspension and air-filled tires. The stroller is also quite easy to navigate and can be guided over any type of rough terrain and uneven surfaces. Another feature is the swivel front wheel that the user can lock for jogging and unlocked for walking.

This stroller is built for kids ranging from 3 months to 70 pounds. Due to this range you can use the unit for quite a long time. You can also use the stroller for newborns by adding an adapter for car seats. This car seat weighs 25 pounds, which is a very average weight for jogger strollers.

This Baby Jogging stroller is equipped with lots of safety features, such as five point harness, parking brake, and run-away strap. I receive a great deal of messages from moms asking what’s the big difference between 2013 vs 2012 vs 2011 models. Bob upgraded this baby stroller in 2011 which is still the same as 2012 and 2013.

BOB Revolution SE Single Baby Jogging Stroller Features

  • Wrist Strap

The strap is connected to the padded handlebar. This provides extra security in the case the stroller rolls away while the user is jogging.

  • Comfortable Seat

The seat’s stroller is 14.5-inches wide and 23-inches high. There’s a super-padded adjustable seat that reclines. You just have to adjust the 2 straps located on both sides.

  • Handle Bar

There’s a basic non-adjustable handle bar that’s located 40 inches off the ground. This provides a key feature.

  • Storage Pockets

There are 2 mesh pockets located on the inside of the seat. You can use them for storing a snack, toys, or cup for your child.

  • Big Canopy

This is one of the biggest features since it can help to keep the sun out of your little one’s eyes. There are 5 positions and can provide a coverage range of 125 degrees. If your baby’s are very sensitive to sunlight this is definitely a key feature to consider to provide the best protection from sunlight.


  • Wheels

The wheels are constructed from a strong polymer material. The big wheels results in more space between the stroller’s operator and the unit. This makes the unit more comfy for parents who are taller.

  • Swivel Wheel

This wheel locks, which is a key feature. It’s very helpful if you’re walking in a park or shopping. In that case you need more maneuverability.


  • No Automatic Lock

This feature would help to keep the unit folded. There’s a clip that’s connected to the handle bar.

  • No One-Hand Fold

It’s easy to fold up the stroller. However, you have to use both hands, which can be tough when watching your kid and have one free hand.

  • Bulky

This unit has a big canopy and a padded seat that provides more bulkiness. So it’s an issue to consider when weighing the stroller versus others on the market.

BOB Revolution SE Single Baby Jogging Stroller Customers’ Reviews

There are a lot of great comments about Bob Revolution SE on Amazon. It gets 4.5 out of 5 stars and a lot of people like this stroller. Various other web reviews are equally advantageous about Bob Revolution SE Single or maybe Double jogging strollers.

“I’m a baby foster parent. The gear of mine is loved by me, and I’ve had more than seven BOB strollers because my biological children were little. It need time to update this stroller, as I really love to stay in addition to the brand new products, and also love to resell while there’s still great resale value in them! I believe the resale is worth on the BOB, particularly as it is just about indestructible.”

“Loving the stroller! My four month old is comfy, she simply sits back and relaxes. It is not difficult to drive and does fairly effectively on any place. it’s only problem is it ‘s bulkiness. Though it is loved by me so much it does not matter.”


Bob Revolution SE Jogging Stroller has a lot of replacement you are going to need to buy individually. I’ve to admit that a lot of accessories will make your jogging stroller more comfortable. I introduce you several accessories were provided.

  • Car seat adapter

You are able to make use of it with: Chaperone, Britax B Safe, Graco: SnugRide, SnugRide 32, SnugRide 30, SnugRide thirty five. Primo Viaggio SIP 30/30, Peg Perego: Primo Viaggio SIP. Chicco: KeyFit, KeyFit thirty. It is very easy to be snapped when you use it on snack tray.

  • Adult system

This particular stroller does not has an adult console so that you’ve to purchase it individually. It’s designed with a pocket in the center and two bottle holders on each side. It’s made with some premium material. If you need to take your water botter when you are jogging, it is your best choice to buy.

  • Weather shield

I often used the weather shield when it is raining. My baby often sleeps very well outside and if it is rainy, I also want to take my baby outside. So it’s really simple to set up and also features a water resistant big window so that you are able to take care your baby. It is designed for Revolution SE, Stroller Strides and Revolution CE. Ironman, Motion and SUS designs have another shield.

  • Sun shield

This shield is elastic that is going to protect the child of yours from sun, flying insects and wind. I would like to cover the jogging stroller with this particular shield when my baby is asleep, and it offers extra shade, too.

  • Travel Bag

This travel bag is the best choice if you want to travel with your stroller. The BOB single stroller is suitable for you. It’s made with materials, and is designed with a handy handle and roller wheels so that make your baby jogging stroller easier maneuverability. This bag is a great deal and I believe it’s worth every penny.


This is an excellent stroller that includes many features. It’s certainly a great unit from BOB. Our reviews have discovered that Amazon Online Store offer much better deals compared with others. Amazon has a lot of promotion everyday which are able to lower the cost on the stroller, and sometimes you order the jogging stroller with free shipping!

Another benefit of shopping with Amazon is that they have the return policy . If you don’t like some products you buy on Amazon, just return the product and have a refund. The Bob Revolution SE Jogging Strollers is a great product that is worth all of you to buy.

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