BOB Revolution Flex Jogging Stroller

BOB Revolution Flex Jogging Stroller Overview

This stroller is the latest product from BOB. It has everything that you would ever expect from the quality stroller manufacturer. This is an excellent model from the company and is very similar as the company’s super popular SE model. However, this unit includes the extra feature of a handlebar that’s adjustable.

As you might guess this is how the “Flex” model got its name. You can set the unit’s handlebars to 9 positions that work for both tall as well as short runners. This stroller also includes many of the features that made the SE a top-selling jogger. That includes swivel front wheel, adjustable suspension, comfortable seat, and padded handlebar. There’s also a 2-step folding system that makes the unit very easy to store.

The price tag of the SE is a little pricier than the SE. However, many owners believe that the adjustable handlebars make the higher price worthwhile. One of the main factor is that the Revolution Flex has received sky-high reviews and ratings from its owners.

BOB Revolution Flex Jogging Stroller Features

  • Swiveling Front Wheel

This provides for better maneuverability. It locks forward to provide more stability when jogging or going over rough terrain.

  • Adjustable Suspension

This provides a very smooth ride and is one of the top features of the stroller. It’s always important for the child’s ride in the stroller to be as comfortable as possible and a quality suspension is one of the ways to achieve that goal.

  • Adjustable Padded Handlebar

This is a great feature and allows it to be adjusted to 9 different positions. This makes it ideal for runners of any sized runner. This provides a comfy hand position so the operator of any height can stay in control of the stroller.

  • 2-step Folding

This makes the unit easy to transport and store. It’s a key feature of the stroller and makes it easier to move to other locations or store for a long period of time.


  • Smooth on different terrain

This unit seems to glide on just about any terrain. This makes it easier to push and maneuver.

  • Adjustable Handlebar

This is one of the top features of this jogging stroller and it’s one of the reasons the unit has received a high score from many customers.


  • Bulky

The stroller is sturdy but one of the drawbacks that’s produced is the unit is somewhat bulky.

  • No Cup Holder

This is a feature that many parents would have liked the unit to have. You have to buy it separately if you want the stroller to have a cup holder.

  • Storage

The compartments are quite small on the Flex so this is an area that could be improved

BOB Revolution Flex Jogging Stroller Customers’ Reviews

Average Amazon Rating: 4.6

“I am a runner and when my daughter was born I borrowed my friends Revolution SE for a test run and was really disappointed. So I decided to buy BOB Revolution Flex Jogging Stroller. It is great and suitable for me to run every day. “

“It is very easy to control with one hand and glides along with minimal effort when you are running. Ours had a faulty canopy when we received it, called BOB customer service and they sent a new canopy to us free of charge. Easy to fold down and open up, fits in the trunk of the car easily. “


BOB Company provides a lot of items for you to buy so that you can make your jogging stroller more sturdy and easier to use. So it is very important about accessories for the best jogging strollers.

#1 BOB Parent Console

BOB Parent Console

It is necessary to buy a great console that can make your stroller easier to use. And BOB Console is high quality and can make the handlebar more steady.



#2 BOB Single Snack Tray

BOB Single Snack Tray

This is a great accessory that make your baby happy when you go out.A cup holder is designed that can improve baby’s experience.



#3 BOB Single Weather Shield

BOB Single Weather Shield

This accessory can make you have more chance to go out for running even in raining day. A weather shield can protect your baby when you are running.




This is easily one of the top jogging strollers available on the market. The price is somewhat high compared to the Revolution SE from BOB. However, the ability to adjust the height of the handlebar is certainly one of the key features. The unit has received very high marks from owners.

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