Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System Overview

Buying a stroller is the most difficult task especially if you are having first baby because thousands of models are available on online. However baby trend expedition travel system is the ideal combination to the parents with perfect features. It is the all terrain stroller which glides smoothly on most of the surfaces from grass to cement. It comes with the plethora of functions and features so it is the amazing choice to each parent.

Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System features

The baby travel expedition LX travel system is having comfortable and lightweight properties and it can secure your babies with full of protection. One of the main features of buying this travel system, it is a suitable choice to active parent who are looking to jog and to stroll their babies at same time. Actually it is all in one stroller which is helpful you to stay fit. In fact it is completely easy to move and carry between stroller and the car. It is available in neutral combination of black and grey colors along with the red strips. If you are a keen runner then you are recommended to choose this travel system. The car seat is suitable to baby weighting 5-30 lbs baby and it comes with wonderful accessories such as child trays, stroller features parent, large adjustable canopy and large storage basket. Luckily it consists of easy flex lock adjustable height in the car base.


There are more numbers of the advantages are associated with this travelling system such as

  • If you are doing plenty of car travel then it is the best choice because infant car seat is completely easy to move and carry between stroller and car
  • Parent can get comfortable and firm grip with contoured design of handle
  • It is completely easy to fold and it comes with plenty of storage options for both baby and parents.
  • This travel system is having features of beautiful and stylish canopy that could be easily retraced at different angles so that it can protect baby from damaging effects of UB lights.
  • It is especially designed to prevent hand fatigue by minimizing amount of the pressure that you put on wrist while jogging.


Just like other kinds of the travelling system which is available on online, baby trend expedition LX travel system comes with some disadvantages such as

  • If you are having small vehicle with very small truck then it is quiet difficult to transport
  • Storage could be a problem for cars with the big trunks and SUVs but the parents with small cars might be remarked and you must to remove the wheels in order to fit the stroller in the trunk of car.

Baby Trend Expedition LX Travel System Customer review

Quality and affordability construction of the expedition LX travel system is the best selling points for most of the parents. If you are buying this travelling system then you can save your money because it comes with a stroller so that you can use it from newborns far into toddler ages. Storage is the main attraction point to buy this travelling system and you can also switch strolling from running and jogging mode which is not available in many of the strollers. The baby trend travel system is highly recommended by most of the parents because it is getting higher customer satisfaction rating.


If you are an active parent and you are looking to buy the best travelling system then you are advised to choose baby trend expedition because it comes with wonderful features. You can also easily transport it your car because it has the ergonomic handle. This kind of the travelling system surely comes under your budget.

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