Baby Jogger Summit X3 Single Stroller

For parents that are looking for a hybrid standard and jogger stroller, the Baby Jogger Summit X3 may be your best option. The Baby Jogger Summit X3 has got an all-wheel suspension that you can use a remote to lock the wheels. And there is even a drum brake that you can operate and fold by hand. This sort of jogger/stroller also has got the usual bells and whistles of most other kinds of strollers. Parents can also use the travel system of the Summit X3 as it can convert into a car seat.

Features of the Baby Jogger Summit X3:

  • Retractable canopy with mesh cover
  • 5-point harness
  • Handbrake
  • Handlebar


Big and roomy – The big seat featured in the stroller is very comfy. And there is a lot of storage space in the lower compartment of the stroller as well.

Very safe – The harness system will keep your child firmly in place while they are seated. And the handbrake system can also keep your stroller from rolling away from you while you jog.

Easy to push – You can easily use the Summit X3 using only one hand, as it is a fairly manoeuvrable jogger stroller.


It does not lock automatically – You will need to use a Velcro strap to manually lock the brake in place. It would be better if this stroller featured its own automatic lock.

The handle is not adjustable – This is a fairly minor complaint, but the handlebar of the Baby Jogger Summit X3 cannot be adjusted by itself. This will mean that for certain shorter parents, it may be uncomfortable for you to push and jog using the Summit X3 at the same time.

Review of the Baby Jogger Summit X3:

The main feature that is great about the Summit X3 is that it really works well as a jogger/stroller hybrid. Most parents will find it very easy to push as long as they keep a steady pace with their jogging and not overload the stroller too much. You can go on your daily jog in the park or on the sidewalk, and the stroller’s sturdy wheels should be able to handle that change in terrain quite nicely.
The safety features of the Baby Jogger Summit X3 also have got to be praised. This is because you can easily lock the handbrake in place, and you will be able to rest easy knowing that this stroller is going to stay in place.

And finally, the Baby Jogger Summit X3 is also a very comfortable stroller not only for parents to push but for babies as well. You can comfortably seat your baby in the plush interior of the stroller. And the large mesh canopy is going to keep them nice and dry inside, even if it is raining a bit on your jog.


Overall, the Baby Jogger Summit X3 is recommended to parents who lead a more active lifestyle. You can take your babies along with you while you go on your jog. And you would not even have to worry about pushing a stroller, as the Summit X3 would not hamper you at all. It is very speedy and lightweight, while at the same time also having a lot of features to keep your baby as safe as possible.

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